HFFG/USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project Gets Results

Hope for Future Generations (HFFG), is a sub-grantee of the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project in the Asunafo North, Asunafo South, Asutifi North, and Asutifi South districts in the Ahafo region of Ghana.

The goal of the project is to further strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian local partners to implement and provide leadership for HIV prevention, care, and support services to Key Populations (KPs) and PLHIV in Ghana.

To this end, the project ensures that people living with HIV who have interrupted treatment return to care and regain their health.

Joy, a 47year-old woman, is full of hope after returning to HIV treatment with the help of the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project. After an HIV diagnosis in 2015, Joy, who is from Nkasiem in the Asunafo North District of Ghana’s Ahafo Region, started treatment but experienced complications after a few days on the medication.

She discussed it with her spiritual father, who led Joy in twenty-days of fasting and prayers, and then told her that she was cured. However, as the year progressed, Joy lost weight, developed skin infections, and could not sleep. She did not visit a health facility.

In October 2021, Hope for Future Generations (HFFG), a subgrantee of the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project, visited the Goaso Government Hospital and obtained a list of all clients who had interrupted treatment. The HFFG team made phone contact with all of them, including Joy, who agreed to meet them.

After psychosocial and treatment adherence counselling, Joy agreed to revisit the health facility on the condition that an HFFG team member accompanies her. On November 5, 2021, Joy went back onto treatment. She is now feeling much better and frequently calls the team to express her gratitude for bringing her hope and relief.

Between October and December 2021, the HFFG team in the Asunafo North District helped 17 people who had interrupted HIV treatment to return to care.

From October 2021 to January 2022, HFFG with the support of JSI initiated 46 positive clients on to treatment. Additionally, 98 persons have been brought back to care as of January 2022.