Sexual/Reproductive Health and Rights

In the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), HFFG works to provide access to quality information and health services for women, youth and adolescents, particularly for family planning; maternal, neonatal and child health; teen mothers and pregnant teenagers; comprehensive abortion care; sexuality and gender identity and representation; HIV/AIDSand sexually transmitted infections (STIs); bodily health, choice, integrity and rights; and menstrual health.

Our peer group having a discussion on their sexual health and rights

A major success in this thematic area is the creation of peer educators (in and out of school youth leaders) who through HFFG’s intervention and mentorship build community integrated platforms for other young people to discuss SRHR issues and seek access to key services. This is done through school clubs, youth forums, drop-in centres, church and mosque discussions, field trips, counseling sessions, entrepreneurial skill trainings, community durbars, youth-led radio programmes, and events featuring art, drama, film and sports.

Through these action agendas, young people like those involved in the UKAID/Paladium funded Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health (GHARH) project, are gaining opportunities to create new pathways of insight, solidarity, and change within their communities while also building significant leadership skills that carry real weight and power.