HFFG Commends Ghana Government For Immunization Co-Financing Commitment

Hope for Future Generations (HFFG), commends the Government of
Ghana for its commitment to immunization through the payment of 60 percent of its Co-financing agreement. This significant investment underscores the government’s dedication to the health and
well-being of its citizens. The Government of Ghana’s commitment to fulfilling its financial obligations for immunization is a
testament to its effort to achieving widespread vaccination coverage, strengthening the country’s immunization programs, ensuring the availability of vaccines, and bolstering healthcare
However, while we acknowledge and appreciate this significant step, HFFG urges the government to expedite the release of the outstanding 40 percent, which amounts to approximately 3.4 milliondollars. Timely disbursement of these funds is critical to sustaining and enhancing the impact of immunization efforts across the country.

Vaccine Procurement: The timely release of funds is essential for procuring vaccines to address current and emerging health threats and vaccine shortages. A fully funded immunization program
ensures that Ghanaians have access to a comprehensive range of vaccines, protecting children from preventable diseases. Most importantly it safeguards the country against any form of shortage that could have adverse effect on the administration of vaccines especially for children.

Infrastructure and Outreach: The outstanding funds are vital for strengthening healthcare infrastructure and supporting outreach programs. These resources contribute to the development and sustenance of robust vaccination campaigns that reach even the most hard to reach and underserved communities.
Global Health Security: In the context of global health security, ensuring full funding for immunization programs is crucial. Adequate resources enable countries to respond swiftly to public health emergencies, protecting populations and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

HFFG remains committed to collaborating with the Government of Ghana and other stakeholders to advance public health goals and promote sustainable development. We believe that the release of the outstanding 40 percent will further solidify Ghana’s position as a leader in immunization efforts, setting an example for other nations to follow, whilst averting a potential public health crisis.
We invite the media, civil society organizations, and the public to join us in advocating for the timely release of the remaining funds to bolster Ghana’s immunization initiatives.