Somubi Dwumadie Short Messages

  1. Front line health workers have psychosocial needs during this COVID-19 period. Support them.
  2. Community leaders including religious leaders can also provide psychosocial support with the right capacity building
  3. Persons with disabilities including mental health conditions need psychosocial support
  4. No discrimination, No stigmatisation against frontline health workers, persons recovered from COVID-19 and persons with disabilities
  5. Toll free services make it easy to call and receive psychosocial support. People with Disabilities, including people with mental health conditions should Call 0800457231 for tele counselling
  6. Your mental health is important, seek psychosocial support to stay well.
  7. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of Institutional structures to prioritise the psychosocial needs of their staff.
  8. Government must remain committed to support mental health and wellness for its citizens
  9. Sticking to the COVID-19 protocols save lives
  10. A mentally stable health workforce is a necessity for national development.