Title: Psychosocial Needs Assessment of Frontline Workers Responding to Covid-19


To facilitate the development of Psychosocial Interventions to reduce Covid-19 related psychosocial distress and illnesses among frontline health workers and improve access to health care for people living with disabilities including mental disability


Greater Accra and Western Regions


24 November – 8th December  2020

Reporting  to HFFG/The PsyKForum Consortium

Deadline to submit Expression of Interest – 20th November, 2020

Scope of Work

  1. Design and develop a brief but detailed Instrument to conduct the psychosocial Needs Assessment of Frontline Workers in the selected regions of Ghana
  2. Include in the Instrument items to capture the modalities for the establishment of a Peer-Support System
  3. Include in the design options for the Survey Instrument to be administered electronically
  4. Use instrument to conduct the Needs Assessment
  5. Conduct analysis of data obtained and write a report of survey outcome

Key Deliverables

  1. A hard and Soft Copy of Survey Findings Report
  2. Detailed Mechanism for the establishment of a Peer Support System
  3. Recommendations for the development of Psychosocial Interventions for Frontline Workers
  4. Recommendations for the establishment of  a Referral and Crisis Support System for Frontline Workers

Background and Rationale

Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) emergency response. They are exposed to different hazards that put them at high risk of infection and are likely to experience physical and mental fatigue and stigma. With the continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems in Ghana and around the world are working at full capacity, and this increases the risks for both health workers and the most vulnerable populations, including persons with disability who may face further barriers to access the health care and services they need.  

The HFFG/The PsyKForum Consortium has received funding from Options Consultancy Services under the Ghana Somubi Dwumadie Project to provide Psychosocial Support to assist health workers to take care of their emotional and mental wellbeing and to ensure they are supported to provide care to people with disabilities, including people with mental health disabilities. 

This Consultancy is to help determined the Psychosocial Needs of Health Workers on the frontlines of Ghana’s Covid-19 response in different settings and facilities within the health system (in the aforementioned Regions) as a precursor to the development of Psychosocial interventions to address identified needs.

Expected Background and Experience

 The Consultant (Individual/Institution) would ideally possess:

  1. Practical and technical competencies in conducting public health Surveys at local and national levels in Ghana
  2. Extensive experience in Statistical Analysis
  3. At least a Master’s degree in Applied Health Statistics/ Psychology/Public Health/or any of the Behavioural Sciences
  4. The Ability work under pressure and to meet short deadlines without compromising quality of outputs
  5. Strong communication skills
  6. Experience of engagement with the health sector at both local and high levels
  7. Ability to engage varied levels, interpersonal and analytical skills
  8. Ability to work with diverse teams

Payment Terms  and Method

 This is a fixed cost payment and the schedule is as follows:

  1. 30% on inception – on submission and deployment of Survey Instrument and raised Invoice
  2. 70% on Submission and Acceptance of Final Findings Report including Recommendations
  3. Payment Method is by Cheque

Send application and relevant documents to  info@hffg.org

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