Making a Case for People with Disability in Ghana:

Visually impaired HFFG Board Member called to the Bar

As an organization committed to empowering and supporting people with disabilities, including mental health conditions, it was all joy for the Board, Management, and staff of Hope for Future Generations (HFFG) on 11th November 2022 when Mr. Carruthers Tetteh Esq, a visually impaired person, and a Board Member of Hope for Future Generations was inducted into the legal profession as a lawyer.

Mr. Carruthers’ call was made possible after successfully completing his professional law program and passing his final exams and interview session as well.

He received a standing ovation at the Accra International Conference Center when his certificate was presented to him personally by the Chief Justice of Ghana, Kwasi-Anin Yeboah.

Aside from making a strong case for people with disability in Ghana, this feat achieved by Mr. Carruthers feeds into HFFG’s mantra that everyone regardless of their condition can achieve their full potential.

Sharing his story, Mr. Carruthers said:

“Sometime in 2002 during my Basic Education Level, I suffered from a condition known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome due to a severe adverse reaction to medical treatment. This resulted in my whole skin peeling off like burns by heat and eventually leading to the loss of my sight.”

He said despite this condition, he projected a future full of hope.

“I continued to work hard towards the realization of my dream of becoming a lawyer. I overcame many impediments, shattered barriers, crossed social boundaries, and faced stereotypes head-on”.

Mr Carruthers was in 2019, awarded a degree in Bachelor of laws with First Class Honors from the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Coast. He attempted an entry into the Ghana School of Law in 2019 but was unsuccessful at the first stage.  

“I, therefore, attempted entry again in 2020, and thankfully I made it this time.  Truth be told, it’s been a very tough journey. At one point, I wanted to give up because I felt I was being a burden on a lot of people as they had to guide me to the lecture halls and sometimes go out of their own way to read books that were not accessible online. My mental health was occasionally impacted by these constraints. But through it all, I’ve developed my faith in God. God has blessed me with a lot of abilities and a supportive network.

Today, I celebrate double success. I have been called to the bar and I pledge to champion the cause of the vulnerable and the less privileged in society.

A very big thank you to God and all who have held it down for me.”

HFFG is indeed proud of the exploits of Lawyer Tetteh, who received enormous support from HFFG during his study right from the undergraduate level. Under the direction of our Executive Director, Cecilia Senoo, he was provided accommodation in Accra during his study at the Ghana Law School.

Aside from being a Board Member of HFFG Mr. Carruthers Tetteh Esq. is also an advocate on the Ghana Somubi Dwumadie project which seeks to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people with disability, including mental heal conditions.

He facilitates trainings and meetings for project beneficiaries and also educates people on disability laws and rights.