HFFG Hosts FEMNET for a Monitoring Visit on the SheLeads Project

Hope for Future Generations (HFFG) project team, under the She Leads initiative, welcomed a visit from our esteemed donor, the African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET) to our Head Office in Accra, Volta regional Office Ho and the project site in the Hohoe Municipality on the 6th and 7th of May.

The She Leads project aims to empower Girls and Young Women especially in grassroot communities with education and capacity-building skills on their health and leadership within the community.

This monitoring visit aimed to interact with the beneficiaries, comprising Girls and Young Women (GYW), alongside the Role Models.
It was an opportunity for the donors and beneficiaries to know each other more and the role they are play in the implementation of the project.

A majority of the GYW expressed how the She Leads project had boosted their confidence and public speaking abilities. They considered it a privilege to participate, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. Several GYW noted that their involvement marked their inaugural experience in radio discussions and public speaking, after which they received congratulatory messages from friends and family that made them happy and proud.

One GYW expressed her excitement after meeting the Volta Regional Minister during the course of implementation.

She stated that, “Immediately I got home, I run to my mother and I told her that in the near future, I want to be someone as noble and important as the Volta Regional Minister”.

Subsequently, the Role Models conveyed their own learning and growth through the project, emphasizing the notable positive changes observed in the GYW. They advocated for sustained support to nurture the project’s expansion. Furthermore, some GYW highlighted how the Peer-to-Peer training empowered them to educate fellow girls and young women in their schools and communities on topics imparted by the project team.

Looking ahead, the project team encouraged GYW to seize the opportunity to enhance their skills, paving the way for potential internships, national service roles, or employment within HFFG or other organizations. This strategy when implemented can be a pivotal step towards project sustainability.